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0020aThe Last Shogun

very good condition; The Daily Japan Herald reported on May 16th, 1867: 'Captain Sutton of H.M. surveying ship "Serpent" had the honour of a sitting from the Tycoon, and has taken a capital likeness of him. It is small, for unfortunately the boat in which the larger lenses and some of the chemicals were, was upset, and they were lost.' This portrait was illustrated in Terry Bennett's 'Photography in Japan 1853-1912' p. 107. The career of Frederick Sutton is also covered pp. 106-109. 

Price: US$2000

Medium: Albumen print carte de visite, tinted

Mount: Original mount


Dimensions: card size 105 x 62mm

Year: 1867


Photographer: Frederick Sutton Studio

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Postage & packing: US$10 Mainland UK    US$20 Overseas

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