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1871#7The Flag of the Commander-in-Chief of the Corean forces captured in Fort McKee by two marines under Captain Tilton.

Photographs of the 1871 US-Korea War are exceptionally rare. This print is in excellent condition. In this photograph, taken on board the USS Colorado, Corporal Brown (left) and Private Purvis (middle), US Marine Corp, pose with their commanding officer, Captain Tilton, and the Korean flag they captured. Brown and Purvis were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. An iconic image. 

Price: US$7500

Medium: Albumen print

Mount: Unmounted


Dimensions: 254 x 230mm

Year: 1871


Photographer: Felix Beato Studio

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Postage & packing:   US$20 Mainland UK   US$30 Overseas

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Postage & packing: US$20 Mainland UK    US$30 Overseas

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