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Latest News

History of Photography in China: Chinese Photographers 1842-1879 

25 May 2013

We are now taking orders for Terry Bennett's latest book. This is the most comprehensive history of early Chinese photographers ever produced and completes Bennett's three-volume history of photography in China. Copies can be ordered from http://www.old-japan.co.uk/book_hopic-3.html

Shimooka Renjo - New Photograph Series Discovered 

6 Oct 2012

An important series of at least 48 early stereoviews of Japan can now be attributed to Japan's most famous photographic pioneer - Shimooka Renjo. See the full article here: http://www.old-japan.co.uk/article_shimooka_renjo.html

Japan and The Graphic 

7 Nov 2011

Terry Bennett's latest book 'Japan and The Graphic: Complete Record of Reported Events 1870-1899,' is now available from publishers, Global Oriental at this site:http://www.brill.nl/japan-and-graphic This is a companion volume to the 2006 publication 'Japan and the Illustrated London News.'The ILN and the Graphic were the two most popular periodicals of the Victorian age. Influential, they reflected and shaped the views of their readers. Writing in 1942 about the accumulated issues of the ILN alone, historian Arthur Bryant suggested that they represented '...probably the most important and comprehensive single historical document ever compiled.' Consequently, the Japan reports from both periodicals are an important resource for researchers and scholars of nineteenth-century Japan.

John Gulick (1832-1923) - Pioneer photographer of Japan  

8 May 2011

Latest research shows that American missionary and scientist, John Gulick, made an important contribution to early Japanese photography, and may well have instructed Shimooka Renjo. Read Terry Bennett's article on Gulick here: http://www.old-japan.co.uk/article_gulick.html

Old Japan Catalogue 35 

19 Dec 2010

Old Japan has published its first catalogue in three years. It contains albums by, amongst others, Felix Beato, Usui Shusaburo and Walter Clutterbuck. There is also an amazing collection of 17 mammoth-plate 1867 photographs taken by Charles Weed.

Terry Bennett's 'History of Photography in China: Western Photographers 1861-1879' 

13 Nov 2010

The above book will now be published in early December by Quaritch. It is the second volume in a series on the history of photography in China.

Shimooka & Beato cartes de visite  

13 Nov 2010

We recently acquired a collection of Shimooka Renjo and Felix Beato cartes de visite and have added them to the 'photographs for sale' section.

More Felix Beato images added to site. 

9 Aug 2010

Around 30 more Felix Beato images have been posted in the 'photographs for sale' section. These include a number of examples of his work in Burma.

Rob Oechsle's Website On The Photographer T. Enami (Enami Nobukuni) 

27 Jun 2010

This website, which has recently been updated, is perhaps the most interesting and attractive site on the web for Meiji-era photography. Although dedicated to the work and life of the highly talented Enami Nobukuni (1859-1929), its author, Rob Oechsle, a Japanese photo-historian and THE expert on Enami, also looks at the work of Enami's contemporaries such as Kusakabe Kimbei and Tamamura Kozaburo. Oechsle argues, convincingly, that Enami should be considered as one of the 'greats' of Japanese photography. Countless images by Enami are shown, mostly coloured. Oeschle is planning a book on Enami and this promises to be a major contribution to the field. This 5-star site is highly recommended. http://www.t-enami.org/

150 Years of United States-Japan Relations 

1 Jun 2010

An event in New York on 16th June 2010 commemorates 150 years of relations between the US and Japan. Apart from other events, there will be a major photography exhibition showing original photographs capturing the visit to New York of the first Japanese embassy in 1860.These can be seen on the following website: http://www.ny.us.emb-japan.go.jp/150JapanNY/en/photo.html

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