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1002342Prince Arthur of Connaught at Yokohama, 1906

This image shows Prince Arthur during his 1906 mission to deliver the Order of the Garter from King Edward VII to the Emperor. The Prince arrived on the 19th February and was met by the Emperor, the Crown Prince and Prince Arisugawa - an unprecedented honour for someone who was not a head of state. After the Garter was presented to the Emperor at the Imperial Palace the following day, the Prince toured Japan for the next month on a mixture of official and unofficial visits.The photographer's imprint is shown on the reverse: 'Sold by Karl Lewis, Photographer. No. 136-D, Honmura Road, Yokohama, Japan.' The American photographer Lewis (1865-1942), arrived in Yokohama in 1902 and operated a studio there until 1916. He spent the rest of his life in Japan.  

Photographer: Karl Lewis Studio

Year: 1906


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