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Old Japan Catalogue #27
Old Japan 


40 pages, each 297 x 207mm; includes 55 mainly photographic items for sale: 1-16 = old & rare books including 7 crepe-paper items. 17-55 = Japan-related photographic items including albums from the studios of Stillfried & Andersen, Adolfo Farsari, Enami and a compilation of 88 photographs of scenes in a Japanese village during the post-war Occupation. The photographs include cartes de visite from Charles Parker, Uchida Kuichi and Shimazu Tokoku; photographs from Yokoyama Matsusaburo, Suzuki Shinichi I, Tamamura Kozaburo, Usui Shusaburo and Adolfo Farsari; 26 photographs of the Manchurian Incident of 1931; 8 vintage prints of the 1950s by Japanese photographer Ermest Y. Satow; 9 press-photo prints of the 1938 Tokyo typhoon.  

Price: $30

 Reference: OJ27


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Postage & packing: $10 UK/Europe    $15  Outside Europe

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