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Old Japan Catalogue # 32 of Old & Rare Photographs for sale
Old Japan 


40 pages in colour, 297x207mm; includes: incredible large-format photos from the Nadar studio in Paris of the 1862 & 64 Embassies to Europe, all 13 are illustrated and were mounted on original studio card with Nadar's studio stamp embossed, two with Nadar's signature; a collection of 8 quality photos by Felix Beato from the 1860s; an interesting collection of 36 photos of Geisha circa 1890s from various studios; an incredible collection of over 1,000 stereos of Japan from late-Meiji era from various publishers and including 8 complete sets together with quality 1860s wooden graphoscope for viewing; a collection of 145 glass lantern slides of Japan (1860s-1900s)from various publishers; separate photo collections of Nagasaki(20), Tokyo(59), Kobe(77), Yokohama(87), Japanese Brothels & Courtesans(14), Kyoto(60); rare early views of Doshisha University(9) by Kyoto photographer,Hori Masumi II; 1891 Gifu earthquake, a collection of items; collection of photos of various Japanese occupations(36); 16 exceptionally rare mammoth-plate prints by Stillfried; photo collection of Japanese entertainers abroad(10); collection of photos of international exhibitions of Japanese art(28); collection of Japanese royalty photos(11); 2 rare albums of 1894/5 Sino-Japanese War(180+)and others.... 

Price: $30

 Reference: OJ32


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Postage & packing: $10 UK/Europe    $15  Outside Europe

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