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Articles & Research
on Early Far-Eastern Photography

Shimooka Renjo and the Mystery G.A.B. Stereoview Series

Shimooka Renjo and the Mystery G.A.B. Stereoview Series

The earliest commercial photographs of  Japan appeared in stereographic form when photographic and scientific instruments manufacturer, Negretti and Zambra of London, started publishing Pierre Rossier's work in April 1860. Other early stereographic series appeared throughout the 1860s, and most of them have now been identified and studied. One early set of Japan views, however, has remained a mystery until now.

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John Thomas Gulick

John Thomas Gulick (1832-1923)
Pioneer Photographer in Japan

New research has added another name to the list of early photographers in Yokohama and Tokyo. Furthermore, it seems quite possible that the little-known John Gulick gave photographic instruction to Shimooka Renjo.

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The Search for Rossier

The Search for Rossier
Early Photographer of China & Japan

The identity of the ghost-like, nineteenth-century photographer, P. Rossier, has until now eluded photo-historians.  But after extensive research, we can now exclusively reveal his identity!

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Techniques, Conservation & Restoration

19th Century Japanese Photographs
Techniques, Conservation and Restoration.

An introduction to the technical aspects of looking after early Japanese images on paper by the photograph restorer, Annabelle Simon.

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The 'Sam Patch' Daguerreotype

The Sentaro Daguerreotype
First Japanese to be Photographed

Taken in California at least two years before Commodore Perry's historic mission opened Japan to the outside world, this is the first known photograph of a Japanese subject.

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Other Articles in Brief...

We’re constantly learning more about early photographic history in Japan, Korea and China. Here we present a selection of topics that we’re currently researching...

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